Through radical acceptance and fierce love, I have been able to heal my darkest wounds and reclaim my own voice by vulnerably sharing my story with the world. I am a women’s transformational coach, retreat facilitator and inspirational speaker. My mission is to change the way women view themselves, and change how the world views women.  

Through my own journey of seeking healing, I have built an incredible intimate relationship with God, learned to trust in the cycles of life, and have bravely embraced all evolving aspects of who I am. I intend to help as many women as possible experience this freedom, by vulnerably teaching what my journey as taught me.


Today I am a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, and that is nothing short of a miracle. I have walked through, healed, and broken the chains of an addiction to drugs and alcohol, a life-threatening eating disorder, many cycles of abusive relationships, divorce, single-parenthood, and most recently a traumatic pregnancy, that resulted in severe postpartum depression.

Through my willingness to stay open and receive the gifts within these painful experiences, I have gained an unshakeable faith in God, a deep compassion to serve, and a profound trust in the process of life. The healing that has taken place in my heart, and the transformation of who I have become, is undoubtedly so I can help other women recover and heal themselves as well.


Today I empower women to reclaim the parts of themselves they have shamed, disowned or neglected; and witness as they transform their pain into purpose. I help women embrace and discover their God-given power, activate their intuitive nature, and reclaim their truth by embracing the darkness within.


Like me, you too can manifest your happiness.

Let’s work together!