I Trust You

You Are Perfect

Exactly As You Are

As I sit here staring at the ocean, clouds rolling in

I’m filled with emotion, hope for what’s to begin

For as long as I can remember, I’ve held this knowing close to my heart,

That the way I can Love is special, unconditional from the start.

It teaches me not to judge you or shame you,

We’re all doing the best we can,

Because I too know darkness, and it’s part of who I am.

Love isn’t just a word to say or mull over,

it’s the truth, it’s the action, it’s how we can start over.

Love conquers all, I have it tattooed under my breast in Latin,

If we can choose to love in the face of hatred,

We can choose to make miracles happen

In the Bible Jesus emphasizes “Love is greatest of all”,

It breaks down every hurt and tear,

It breaks down every wall.

For years these walls seem to build themselves,

They once protected me for a purpose I can imagine,

But they also kept out the ability for me to receive love, forgiveness, and compassion.

The process hasn’t been easy though, choosing love, and fully believing,

having faith that God would use each wound for good, all leading me back to receiving.

So thank you pain, thank you trauma and all the wounds from being left and abandoned,

Without you I wouldn’t have the capacity to be with, and be grateful for all that has happened;

Not only to myself, to my sisters, my daughters, and all who have walked this planet,

But I can now look you in the eyes and say “I love you, and I understand it.”

“It’s safe for you to cry my love, and ALL of your feelings are valid,

You can share yourself exactly as you are, and let the waves take what was once bruised and broken.”

And when that same darkness shows up again,

We are thankful,

No words need to be spoken.

We choose love and to accept ourselves,

Generational chains are broken.

If we can love the parts of you and me,

The shameful, the ugly and repulsive,

The complexities and obstacles of being human

Become a gift,

Sourced from Heaven

You and I are one my love, our souls came here from above,

To remind each other of the power inside of us,

To mend and restore God’s LOVE

The trick is grace, practice it every day,

For others and for yourself,

love is the answer and you’ll love being human,

Once you know you can heal yourself.

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